Our Team

Borenstein Caterers is a great place to work. As a company that values its employees, Borenstein Caterers holds its Human Resource as its most important asset. Our role is to focus on empowering our people, and recognizing their contribution. We always make sure to give our staff a sense of purpose and personal accountability, so they are able to perform well. Catering services are ultimately about people, and a personal touch upgrades good service to a great one.

We care for our employees, so they can care for our customers. We are committed to their ongoing happiness, safety, security, and welfare. As a result, they are more engaged, more invested in the work they do, and perform at a higher level. We call it The Human Touch. It allows us to maintain our standards of excellence in production and service. This is reflected in the long-term turn-around of employees, and by the fact that the company has maintained a constant state of growth even in economic down-turns.

Our executive team brings a combined cumulative international experience of more than two hundred years. We strongly believe that “Quality in a product is not what we put into our services, but what the customer gets from it.” Therefore, customer satisfaction and delivering a quality product is one of our most important core values. Our facility is under constant and regular inspection of the USDA and FDA, is following a customized HACCP Plan, and submits to third party audits. We are also operating under the supervision of Jewish religious authorities.

Having worked with some of New York’s finest catering firms under world-renowned chefs, our executive chef has a passion for food, and mastering the art of cooking. Together with our product development team, he innovates and updates the menus regularly, so we can continue to create new and, exciting items, to keep up with market trends. It’s the chef’s job to ensure Borenstein Caterers is meeting the challenges of exciting our customers while keeping current with culinary trends.

Our operations and logistics are always flexible to work with the customer to create a flexible delivery schedule. We draw on our vast experience of process development and attention to detail that allows us to deliver outstanding products. Our ready to eat sandwiches and salads under the brand “Kosher 4 U” are prepared, packaged, and delivered via our refrigerated trucks the same day, while making sure that the chain of custody is intact and the food is kept under very high quality and consistent refrigeration conditions.

Our HR manager is also our Customer Relations Manager. She knows that the key to picking the right person for the job lies in understanding the correlation between employees and customers. She is familiar with the various positions in the company, and what it takes to do them. With our HR manager’s guidance, our employees continuously meet and even exceed expectations, which is evident in our reputation and the rave reviews from our circle of happy customers.

President and CEO – my conviction:

Drawing on my experience I believe that the core of our success is our employees. They are the key ingredient that transforms us into a special, unique and successful organization that is a leader in the field. For me, the idea of forming a goal is one of the most important elements of keeping constant and continuous growth. We maintain our excellent capabilities by enlightening our employees as to our goal, and providing them with the essential tools to encourage motivation and talents.

I believe a brand is built for people, by people. We make diligent efforts to achieve significant added value for our customers through entrepreneurship, innovation, service and quality. The excellent reputation of Borenstein Caterers was not built overnight with newspaper ads. It has taken years of hard work, professionalism, proficiency, dedication, reciprocal cooperation, and honesty that are at the core of our experience, and will continue paving the way for a successful future.