Catering to Passengers – Land, Air & Sea

Borenstein Caterers operates a modern flight kitchen facility located adjacent to John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City. The food production and quality control of the kitchen are inspected under the authority and regulatory governance of the FDA, the USDA and the New York State Kosher Inspection Service. The catering facility operates under an approved USDA HACCP Program, and we also submit to regular 3rd Party audits such as ASI. We have onsite religious supervision of our production for both lines of products we offer.

We proudly produce a full line of “In House” Parve bakery goods, completed meals, and reheatable entrees.

We provide fresh and frozen meals to domestic and international airlines, Cruise Lines, Rail liners, and institutions throughout the United States and World Wide.
Our Fresh Meals are cooked and packaged on the day of the flight. The meals are delivered directly to the flight or to the kitchen that supplies food to the aircraft. Our Frozen Meals and their components are delivered packaged in dry ice or through freezer trucks.

Our advantage is by tailoring a specific package to the customer based on their needs, thus ensuring they get the best service and best quality meals possible. This means we develop the meals together with the customer’s food planning division and adhere to their specific requests no matter how small. We can even use your own china to plate, should you choose this option.