Our History

Borenstein Caterers Incorporated was established in 1946 by Mr. and Mrs. Sam Borenstein of New York to provide kosher airline food to passengers traveling out of New York. Throughout the years the company has changed owners and evolved. In the 1970’s the company changed hands when it was sold to an airline. Since then we continued providing fresh and frozen meals to domestic and international airlines and our client list has grown tremendously. We have transformed from a purely airline caterer, into a catering company providing food services to all travel and retail markets and institutions.

Today our products are accessible in the air, on the sea and on land throughout the United States. We are the leading Kosher In-Flight caterer in North America. We operate a modern flight kitchen facility located adjacent to John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City, and produce over 15,000 meals a day during peak periods.

The experience and tenure we accumulated over the many years in the industry helped us gain significant insight into the business and improve constantly. As a result, in light of market changes of a significant upward trend in retail programs, especially the Grab & Go items, we have begun the transformation of our business model. This includes organizational changes and expansion of menu items we provide.

We are committed to strengthen our existing partnerships and create new ones that will enable us to enter new markets to enhance our skills. Our willingness and ability to adapt to the rapidly changing market will remain crucial to our success and